Bloom Products


Bloom Products offers supplements and nutritional product lines for dogs, cats and equine owners and breeders. In order to maximize online sales for its product lines, Color Green Photo photographed each individual product to be used in their online ordering system and group shots of each product line for promotional efforts in print and digital medium. … [Read more...]

Cori Graphics – Trimble Shoot


Cori Graphics contracted Color Green Photo to photograph the Trimble product line for an online store. Two outstanding models were brought in for this series, which helps in communicating the fit and function of the products. All photographs were shot with a white background so the subjects could be placed on different backgrounds very easily. … [Read more...]

Fraze Pavilion


One of the most enjoyable groups we have had the pleasure to work with over the years is Fraze Pavilion and Schlegel Creative Resources. Since 2004, Schlegel Creative Resources ( has sub-contracted Color Green Photo to provide photographic services for Fraze Pavilion's marketing efforts, including its website ( If you are a concert goer (or) are looking for … [Read more...]

Giacomo’s Salon


Giacomo's needed photographs of all of its services, the entire staff and several product shots for the development of its website ( and other marketing materials. Several sessions were scheduled to meet the variety of needs, but profiled in the gallery below are a few of the images provided. … [Read more...]

Comprehensive Payroll Services


Comprehensive Payroll Services recently had its website ( redesigned and needed a variety of photos to utilize for the interface and content pages. This shoot was done on-location and properly planned before hand to ensure the images would communicate the message Comprehensive Payroll Services wished to convey to its customers. … [Read more...]



Capturing quality images inside a large manufacturing building can be a challenge, but Color Green Photo was up to the task as it conducted a photo session for FluidQuip to utilize in its marketing materials. Several of these photographs needed to be captured a specific way in order to profile specific equipment. … [Read more...]

Body Loft Of Troy


  Fitness has become a popular industry for new business owners, so separating yourself from the competition is critical to success. Body Loft of Troy did just that with an informative and captivating website ( This website is complete with innovative images that accurate captures the mood of the facility and the quality of training each customer receives. … [Read more...]